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CEO Chat with Susan Pilato of Mantra Inspired Furniture

Stepping into the studio with Susan Pilato of Mantra Inspired Furniture was like opening a treasure chest of wisdom on the enduring value of solid wood furniture. Susan, with her wealth of knowledge and a heart full of passion, peeled back the layers of the commercial furniture world, revealing why a shift back to quality and sustainability isn't just a trend—it's a necessity. Her tale of transformation, from noticing a void in the market to creating a brand that proudly collaborates with skilled Amish and Mennonite artisans, is a masterclass in innovation and cultural respect.

Our discussion transcended the tactile world of furniture and ventured into the intangible yet potent legacies our families leave behind. Susan's eight life mantras, a gift from her father, have shaped her into a formidable force in an industry craving change. We delved into the power of marketing, the art of sales, and the unshakable support system that buoys women in today's business landscape. This isn't just a conversation; it's a heartfelt exploration of how the lessons of yesterday can forge the success of tomorrow.

As we wrapped our engaging session, the broader implications of diversity and inclusion within the industry came to the forefront, challenging us to be more than bystanders in the quest for equity. I shared my personal stake in this mission—as a spouse, a parent, and an ally—and together we unraveled strategies to attract diverse talent to fields that have remained all too homogenous. Be sure to join us at Neocon, where Susan and Mantra Inspired Furniture will bring their latest innovations, and a reminder that kindness is the language we should all be fluent in. Let's make each day count, and let these stories inspire you to carve your own path in the world.


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