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Mantra Inspired Furniture Joins Heirloom Design

Mantra Inspired Furniture (Mantra IF), a commercial furniture manufacturing and design company headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, has joined Heirloom Design, a digital platform for "handing down" (refinishing and reselling) commercial furniture, as their newest maker.

Heirloom seeks to transform the current industry model by partnering with makers and manufacturers to offer high quality, handcrafted furniture designed to last a lifetime. Mantra Inspired Furniture is excited to be a part of Heirloom and support their commitment to change the commercial furniture industry to better our planet.

Susan Pilato, President and CEO of Mantra Inspired Furniture shares, "Since launching Mantra Inspired Furniture as an alternative for the architecture and design community in 2018, we have carved out a niche in creating quality solid wood furniture, made for designers by designers. We wanted to become a quiet disruptor in this industry, supported by our years working within the design community." Pilato continues, "We have developed a product line that responds to the needs of the market, rather than us telling the market what they should purchase."

Matt Cheadle, Creative Development Manager of Mantra Inspired Furniture states, "The appeal of solid wood in commercial grade furniture is that it has a durability unmatched by veneers and man-made materials. While these products are considered 'investment grade,' we are discovering a population of organizations willing to make this commitment to their employees and staff as they begin to re-enter their on-site workspaces. It is a very exciting time for the industry."

Mantra IF's design philosophy includes sustainability practices, specifically creating furniture that will last for generations rather than a few years. In a traditional manufacturing setting, these worn-out furniture pieces would be discarded or go to waste at a rate of 11.8 million tons a year. "We believe it is critical to optimize the use of our natural resources in manufacturing," Pilato says, "and our products will enter into a circular economy rather than the landfills."

Mantra IF's line of Heirloom products includes their three core collections: Clayborne, Lowe Loop and Ellis.

About Heirloom

Nearly 9 million tons of furniture leave commercial real estate and end up in a landfill every year. Heirloom Design co-founders Dave Bryant, Judd Rosengart, Jason Horvath and Chris Ferrari decided it was time to change that. Heirloom Design seeks to redefine sustainability for the built environment by using block-chain like technology and the power of storytelling to shape our behavior and help solve our most pressing challenge, waste.

Heirloom powers the circular economy and creates an infrastructure for our industry by ensuring timelessly designed furniture will never see a landfill. Our community of makers, designers, end-users and furniture specifiers leverage this infrastructure to do better for our environment. When we all take a stand to support a more sustainable platform, we all win. Especially the planet. For more information visit,


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