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MantraIF Wins BIG at NeoCon 2024

Norfolk, VA: Mantra Inspired Furniture (Mantra IF), a leading commercial furniture manufacturing and design company based in Norfolk, Virginia, proudly announces that its Unity Table Collection has been awarded multiple prestigious awards at NeoCon 2024. Recognized for excellence in design and sustainability, the Unity Table Collection has emerged as a standout at North America's premier commercial furniture trade show, held from June 10-12 at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.

The Unity Table Collection received the following honors:

· Best of NeoCon 2024 Sustainability Award in the Furniture Category, Café Tables

· Best of NeoCon 2024 Sustainability Award in the Furniture Category, Occasional Tables

· Best of NeoCon 2024 SILVER Award in the Furniture Category, Café Tables

· Best of NeoCon 2024 Business Impact Award in the Furniture Category, Café Tables

We were overwhelmed by the response and support of our new Unity Table Collection.  Our answer to the ability of producing an American made solid wood commercial table series that is authentically sustainable was received with much positive energy!  We are excited to see where Unity takes us next!”, said Susan Pilato, CEO and Founder of Mantra Inspired Furniture.

The Unity Table Collection introduces an innovative flat-pack design, revolutionizing the shipping and installation process. Crafted from solid wood—available in walnut, white oak, cherry, or maple—the tables boast durability and timeless elegance. The base effortlessly slides together, and the top is secured firmly in place, making installation straightforward and cost-effective for end-users. This versatility makes the Unity table ideal for collaboration areas, meeting rooms, and conference settings, adapting to various spatial requirements.

Every component of the Unity Table Collection, from its 1 ¼” solid wood construction to its streamlined design, meets Mantra Inspired Furniture's high-quality standards. With a 10-year warranty, it ensures long-lasting durability. The collection's solid wood construction supports a circular economy by reducing packaging materials and shipping space. Designed for longevity and potential for reuse and refinishing, it embodies environmental responsibility.


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